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A system that conforms to your needs, not the other way around

Keep existing line sets

Because Choice Systems is designed to run on 421A, there is no need to increase your line set size

Mix and match to your needs

Choice Systems saves time and money by replacing only what is needed, instead of converting to a 410A system

Performance without all the pressure

Choice 421A has the closest pressures to R-22, making it the easy choice for cooling systems

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Mix and Match to existing R-22 Coils


Built by Johnson Controls


Millions of units converted to 421A

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Choice Condensing Unit
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*All Choice units ship without the required refrigerant. To purchase Choice 421A click here.*

Product Details

Available in 1.5 ton- 5 tons. This 14 seer condensing unit is a great alternative to R410A systems. Utilizing Choice R421A, which has nearly identical pressures to R22, allows for flexibility to pair with existing R22 interior coil and air-handlers, saving time and money.

Easier Installation

Independent panels provide quick access for unit setup.  Installation time is reduced by easy power and control wiring access.  The factory installed filter-drier means less time spent brazing and charging the system.  The small base dimension and reduced unit clearances make for easier retrofits.

Durable Finish

The coated steel wire fan guard, coated external fasteners, and pre-treated G90-equivalent galvanized steel chassis components resist corrosion and rust creep.  Powdercoat paint further protects external panels.

Protected Compressor

Compressors are protected internally by a high-pressure relief valve and a temperature sensor.  The liquid line filter-drier is factory installed to protect the compressor against moisture and debris.

Quality Coils

The high-efficiency microchannel aluminum coil is manufactured using an improved material system providing reliable performance and small unit size.

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